About Guardian Angel Foundation

Guardian Angel Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families facing a life-threatening illness, whether they are hospice appropriate or not, by providing non-medical services and goods. Guardian Angel Foundation now serves 30 counties in North Central Indiana and educates these communities regarding all end-of-life issues.

Hospice Services add so much value to the end-of-life journey that we really hope everyone will choose to benefit from them. Good as they are, they can’t provide all the support that each family needs. This is where Guardian Angel Foundation comes into play. The Foundation provides Lifeline medical alert monitors for hospice patients; comfort bags with items such as soothing CD’s, blankets, books, pillows, and lotions; and non-medical supplies such as smoke detectors, baby monitors, and fire extinguishers. Each of these items, though small, provides a feeling of security and caring for hospice patients and their families beyond the services of hospice itself.

In addition, Guardian Angel Foundation provides community programs to encourage hospice use and ongoing support for bereaved families.

We Need Your Help

We believe this is important work, and we would like your help. Won’t you join our Circle of Angels today? Or make a one-time contribution of any amount? Those facing end of life are counting on your help.