Grief Resource Center

Resource Center
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Guardian Angel Foundation began working in January 2011 to implement a Resource Center to assist the community with end-of-life issues. The idea came forth during discussions of needs in the Kokomo area to give support to caregivers, hospice patients, families and children who have lost a loved one or a pet. GAF has been building the Resource Center with requested material as needed.

Some of the items available are as follows: “Heaven is for Real” books and CDs, a variety of hospice informational books, coping with grief, end-of-life books, area resources, brochures covering First Aid in the Home, Caring for Aging Parents and Losing a Loved One. Also donated are children’s books from Kohl’s, various books on Supervising and Public Speaking. The “In the Checklist of Life” workbook that helps with decision making and financial planning of end of life directions has been purchased through a grant from the Community Foundation of Howard County and is available for free upon request.

Future goals are to have computers available for public use to search the internet for additional resources. We will also increase the volume of available reading material. GAF feels the impact of the Resource Center will be from all age groups as more support is needed for the caregivers and their families in the community due to the baby boomers aging and needing care in the home. GAF will continue to apply for grants and accept donations for the support and growth of the Resource Center for End-of-Life.


Donate Materials

We would appreciate your help in building the Resource Library. Please contact us to donate books, CDs, DVDs, or any other appropriate materials that would help someone of any age. Thank you for your support!